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Last update: April 20th, 2023


1.- Data controller and description

1.1.- Data controller

The data controller of this site is Ibiza Trend Pitiusas S.L. (hereinafter Ibiza Social), with a registered office at Platja d'en Bossa, 16,Edificio Geminis, 40 bajo 07817 Ibiza,  Balearic Islands, Spain.

Tax ID: B16628091

1.2.- Description

The acceptance of the privacy policy of Ibiza Social (hereinafter "Privacy Policy"), is a necessary condition for the use of our website, application, services and social networks (hereinafter the "Service").

This Privacy Policy regulates the collection, processing and use of your personal andnon-personal information as a user of tIbiza Social, as of the effective date that appears in the header.

To process your personal data, Ibiza Social complies with current, local and European legislation, as well as its development regulations.

2.- Information collected

You can visit the website without providing any data, but if you want to contract our services, you will need to provide us some personal information. The information (personal or non-personal) collected by the Service may vary based on that. 

The personal and non-personal information collected by the Service is gathered in three ways: 1) the one collected automatically 2) the one that you voluntarily provide us and 3) the one provided by third parties

2.1.- The one collected automatically

This information will consist of:

  • Usage Information and Logs. We collect information about your activity on our Services, such as service, diagnostic, and performance data. This includes nformation about your activity (including how you use our Services and how you interact with others through them, the setting options you have chosen, and the time, frequency and duration of your activities and interactions), log files, as well such as diagnostic, error, website, and performance logs and reports. It also includes information about when you signed up to use our Services, the features you use, as well as when you last used our Services.

  • Information about the device and connection. We collect specific device and connection information when you access or use our Services. This includes information such as hardware model, operating system, battery charge level, signal strength, browser, and/or mobile network. Likewise, it includes information about the connection, such as the telephone number, the mobile telephone operator or Internet service provider, the language and the time zone and the IP address, as well as data about the operations and identifiers, such as identifiers of devices .

  • Location information. We collect precise or approximate location data from your mobile device if you use our location or location features. We use several technologies to determine location, including IP addresses, GPS, Bluetooth signals, and information about nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell towers.

  • Transaction information. We collect transaction data related to the use of our services, including information about the type of services requested or provided, the date and time the service was performed, the amount charged, and how payment. In addition, if someone uses a user's promotional code, we may associate it with that person.

  • Cookies. We use cookies to operate and provide our Services, including to provide you with our Internet-based Services, improve your experiences, understand how they are used, and personalize them. Cookies also help us understand what our most popular Services are and allow us to show you relevant content related to our Services. In addition, we may use cookies to remind you of choices you have made, such as language preferences, to provide you with a more secure experience, and otherwise to personalize our Services based on your interests. Consult ourCookies policy for more information about how we use cookies to provide you with our Services.

  • In addition, Ibiza Social uses Google Analytics, an analytical service provided by Google, Inc. domiciled in the United States with headquarters at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043. To provide these services, they use cookies that collect the information, including the user's IP address, which will be transmitted, processed and stored by Google in the terms set out on the website Including the possible transmission of said information to third parties for reasons of legal requirement or when said third parties process the information on behalf of Google.

In any case, you can disable Google Analytics cookies from here.

2.2.- The one you provide voluntarily

This information will consist of:

  • The information required by Ibiza Social to create your user profile: for this we collect data when you create or update your account. The data we collect includes your first and last name, phone number, password, date of birth and country of residence.

    All data is mandatory.

  • The information required by Ibiza Social to carry out your registration as a host: for this we collect data when you create or update your account. Among the data we collect, depending on whether you are an individual or a company, your name, surname or company name, email, password, telephone number, NIF, VIES, residence address or registered office, language and copy of your identification document.

    Mandatory data are marked with an asterisk.
  • The information required by Ibiza Social to carry out your registration as an agent: for this we collect data when you create or update your account. Among the data we collect, depending on whether you are an individual or a company, your name, surname or company name, corporate logo, email, password, telephone number, NIF, city of residence or registered office, language and copy of your identification document.

    Mandatory data are marked with an asterisk.

  • The information required by Ibiza Social to complete the provision of the service and carry out the corresponding billing: name or company name, identity document, email, address, telephone, tax and bank details.

All data is mandatory.

If you purchase a service on behalf of another person through the platform, you guarantee that you have legitimately obtained the personal information of those other  eople before providing us with their data.

  • The information, personal or not, that may be contained in the messages sent through the contact or opinion channels established through email, for example your name, alias or email. 

  • The information, personal or not, that may contain the comments and evaluations of the service and the platform, for example your name, email and message.

  • The personal information required to subscribe to the newsletter, such as your email.

  • Your photography, name, nickname or geolocation if you decide to participate in any of our activities on social networks.

  • Technical support. You may provide us with information related to your use of our Services, including copies of your messages, and how to contact you so that we can provide you with technical support. For example, you can send us an email with information regarding the performance of our website or other problems you are having.

  • Demographic data. We may collect demographic data about users, for example, through surveys.

2.3.- The one provided by third parties

This information will consist of:

  • The one provided by payment systems or credit card processors, such as the time of purchase or its amount.

  • The one provided by the different suppliers, resellers or commercial agents with whom you interact through Ibiza Social or through whom you purchase Ibiza Social products or services. They provide us with information about the interactions they have with you in relation to the provision of the service, such as contracting the service or name and date of the provision of the service. Please note that when businesses use third-party services, their own terms and privacy policies apply to your use of those services and the use of your information on them.

  • Data provided by social networks or similar services..

  • User feedback. We receive user feedback, such as ratings and comments.

  • Third party services. We allow you to use our Services in connection with third party services. If you use our Services in conjunction with such third party services, they may provide us with information about you.

  • Public sources

3.- Rights and purposes

We inform you that the completion of the forms is voluntary. However, if you do not fill in the equired fields (normally marked with an asterisk), the use of some functions  of the Service will not be possible or will be limited.

The personal data provided by you is incorporated and will be processed in the Records of Processing Activities of the Service, in order to meet your requests, provide the requested service and keep you informed about issues related to the activity of the company and its services.

You can exercise at any time the rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, opposition and portability of your personal data by email to: or to the postal address: Ctr. de Platja d'en Bossa, 16, 07817 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain.

In both cases you must identify yourself with your name and surname, as well as a copy of your national ID or national ID, if necessary.

In the event that you have granted consent for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

Also, if you think there is a problem with the way the Service is handling your data, you can direct your claims to the corresponding data protection authority, in the case of Spain being the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

4.- Age

Regarding the use of the online service, you declare that you are of legal age and that you have the necessary legal capacity to be bound by this agreement and use the site in accordance with its terms and conditions, which you fully understand and acknowledge.

You declare that all the information you provide to access the Service, before and during use, is true, complete and accurate.

5.- Use of data

We use the information we have (subject to the choices you make) to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and promote our Services.

This is how we do it:

Operate and provide our services. Ibiza Social uses the data it collects to offer, customize, maintain and improve its services. To achieve this, we carry out the following tasks:

  • Manage, provide and update the Service (the legal basis being our legitimate interest in keeping the Service up to date and in good condition).

  • Create, process, manage and update user accounts (the legal basis being your consent).

  • Create, process, manage and update the accounts of agents, sub-agents and suppliers (the contract being the legal basis).

  • Put agents and hosts in contact with the purpose of providing the service through the intermediation of said agents (the contract being the legal basis).

  • Allow hosts to correctly identify guests and carry out their legal obligations to collect fees or taxes. (the legal basis being the need to maintain a documentary record of all the people staying as a guest, according to Organic Law 4/2015 on the protection of citizen security)

  • Offer, process or facilitate payment for our services (the contract being the legal basis).

  • Process the reservations you make (the contract being the legal basis).

  • Register and exchange with suppliers and agents the progress of reservations (the contract being the legal basis).

  • Offer functions that allow users to share information with other people, for example, when users give their opinion about a business, or when a user recommends a friend to Ibiza Social, or shares their reservation with their contacts (the legal basis being your consent).

  • Offer customization functions for Ibiza Social accounts, such as the creation of favorite shops or quick access to the latest searches (the legal basis being your consent).

  • Manage and provide complementary services such as excursions (the legal basis being your consent).

  • Carry out internal operations necessary to provide our services, such as fixing software errors and operational problems, conducting data analysis, tests and studies, or monitoring and analyzing usage and activity trends (the legal basis being our legitimate interest in maintaining and keeping the Service up to date and in good condition)

Protection and security. We use personal data to maintain the security and integrity of our services. These include the following:

  • Verify businesses before allowing them to use our services (the legal basis being our legitimate interest in providing a reliable and secure Service) 

  • Verify the identity of the provider or agent by checking their identity document (the contract being the legal basis).
  • Enable hosts to verify the identity of the guest by checking their identity document (the legal basis being the legitimate interest in providing a reliable and secure Service).

  • Use data from your device, location, profile or other sources to prevent, detect and fight against fraud and activities that pose a security risk (the legal basis being our legitimate interest in providing a reliable and secure Service).
  • Use user ratings and feedback to encourage compliance with our Terms and to deactivate accounts of businesses that have low ratings or have violated the guidelines in certain countries (the legal basis being our legitimate interest in providing a reliable and secure Service).

Allow users to communicate with shops. We will allow you to communicate with independent third-party providers, such as shops, through Ibiza Social to, for example, provide or receive information about reservations, special requests, etc.

Offer support to customers. Ibiza Social uses all the information it collects to provide support to its customers. To achieve this, we carry out the following tasks:

  • Route questions to the appropriate support agent (being the legal basis our legitimate interest in responding to the requests and doubts of our users)

  • Investigate and resolve user queries (being the legal basis our legitimate interest in responding to the requests and doubts of our users)

  • Monitor and improve the processes and responses of our customer support service (being the legal basis our legitimate interest in responding to the requests and doubts of our users)

Investigation and development. We may use the data we collect to conduct testing, research, analysis, product or service development that allows us to improve the user experience. This is how we can increase the security of our services, prevent their use for illegal or inappropriate purposes, and develop new features and products.

Marketing. Ibiza Social may use the data we collect to promote our services to users. This includes:

  • Send communications about services, functions, promotions, raffles, studies, surveys, news, updates and events of Ibiza Social (being the legal basis, depending on the case, the contractual relationship or our legitimate interest based on the previous contractual relationship, according to art. 21.2 LSSICE)

  • Send communications to our users about the products and services offered by shops in Ibiza Social. Although we send communications about our partners' products and services, we do not sell or share users' personal data to businesses or third parties without users' permission (being the legal basis, depending on the case, the contractual relationship or our legitimate interest based on the previous contractual relationship, according to art. 21.2 LSSICE)

  • Use the data we collect to personalize our marketing communications, including the ads we serve, based on location, use of Ibiza Social services, preferences and user account settings (being the legal basis, depending on the case, the contractual relationship or our legitimate interest based on the previous contractual relationship, according to art. 21.2 LSSICE)

  • Send informative communications. Ibiza Social may use the data it collects to generate receipts and send them to users, inform them about changes to our conditions, services and policies, or send other types of communications whose objective is not to promote the services and products of Ibiza Social or its partners.

You can unsubscribe from them from the email received or by contacting us at However, you will not be able to unsubscribe from certain correspondence from us, such as messages regarding the security of your data or the terms and conditions of the Service.

Comply with legal procedures and requirements. We may use the personal data we collect to investigate or direct claims or disputes related to the use of Ibiza Social services, as permitted by applicable law or in response to requests from regulators, government entities and official bodies.

Measurements, analysis and other business services. We help shops that use Ibiza Social to measure the effectiveness and distribution of their services and messages, and to understand how people interact with them on our Services.

Likewise, Ibiza Social may use user information in the form of aggregated and anonymous data to display it to third parties. You will also be able to share statistics and demographic information about users and their use of the Service with third parties. But none of this will allow those third parties to personally identify you.

5.1.- In emails and contact forms

The web site has TLS encryption that allows the user to securely send their personal data through standard contact forms. 

The personal data collected will be subject to automated processing and incorporated into the corresponding files of the activity log and of which the Service is the owner.

In this sense:

  • We will receive your IP, which will be used to verify the origin of the message in order to offer you adequate recommendations (for example, present the information in the correct language) and to detect possible irregularities (for example, possible cyberattack attempts on the Service). , as well as data related to your ISP.

  • You can also provide us with your data via email.

Regarding the means of communication used:

- At no time will the Service or its staff have access to the bank data (for example, the credit card number) that the user as a client will provide to our payment providers. On the other hand, certain services provided through the website (for example, the possibility of participating in a promotional code contest or draw) may  contain particular conditions regarding the protection of personal data. It will be necessary to accept them before participating in those services.

5.2.- In social networks

Ibiza Social has profiles in some of the main social networks, being responsible for the treatment in relation to the data published in them (for example, photos uploaded by Ibiza Social in which people's faces appear).

The treatment that Ibiza Social will carry out with the data within each of the aforementioned networks will be, at most, the one that the social network allows for  corporate profiles.

Thus, Ibiza Social may inform, when the law does not prohibit it, our followers by any means that the social network allows about their activities or offers, as well as provide a personalized customer service.

In no case will Ibiza Social extract data from social networks, unless the user's consent to do so is obtained promptly and expressly.

5.3.- In raffles

By participating in promotional actions organized exclusively by the Service, the data you provide will be processed solely by us for the purpose indicated in the action statement and its corresponding legal conditions.

6.- Data conservation

Here you can check for how long we keep the personal data collected by the Service:

  • Disaggregated data will be stored without a deletion period.

  • Customer data will be kept for the minimum necessary, and may be kept for up to:
    - 5 years, according to art. 1964 of the Civil Code (personal actions without special term).
    - 6 years, according to art. 30 of the Commercial Code (accounting books or invoice, for example).

  • The image of the DNI and photography of the guests will be deleted once the host has correctly identified you as a guest after the end of the reserved stay.

  • The image of the DNI and photography of the hosts and agents, will be deleted by us once we have verified their identity and the reality of their business.

  • The data contained in the image of the DNI other than the image itself and the photography, will be extracted from it in order to maintain a documentary record of all the people who stay as a guest and kept for three years according to the second provision of the Order INT/1922/2003, of July 3, on register books and parts of entry of travelers in hospitality establishments and other similar ones.

  • The data of the subscribers to the newsletter will be kept from the moment the user subscribes until he unsubscribes.

  • The user data uploaded by Ibiza Social to its social networks will be kept from the time the user offers their consent, or the data has been uploaded according to the legitimate interest of Ibiza Social, until it is withdrawn.

7.- Data shared with third parties

There are third parties that manage part of the Service.

The Service requires them to comply with this Privacy Policy insofar as it is applicable to them and they must also have their own. However, the Service will not be  esponsible for compliance with said policy.

Under some circumstances, the Service may share, use, preserve or disclose Personal Information with third parties, on a non-aggregated basis:

  • To provide the Service:

Service providers who perform functions on our behalf, such as web hosting, monitoring statistics or web development. These service providers may collect and have access to information necessary for them to perform their functions, but they are not permitted to share or use the information for any other purpose.

  • To cooperate with the competent authorities:

If we believe that it is reasonably necessary to satisfy any law, legal process or legitimate interest. In any case, we will only provide the strictly required information.

8.- International Data Transfers

Due to the efficiency of the service, some of the aforementioned providers are located in erritories outside the European Economic Area that do not provide a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union, such as the United States. In such cases, we inform you that we transfer your data with adequate guarantees and always maintaining the security of your data. Specifications:

- We use US-based Google Analytics, to collect information about the use of our Services through its cookies. Having incorporated into the contract signed with said entity the corresponding EU standard contractual clauses, which apply to customer data protected by EU legislation. You can consult the standard contractual clauses that the European Commission has adopted here, here and here.

9.- Security measures

The Service adopts all the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the security and integrity of the personal and non-personal information collected.
Both against unauthorized access and accidental alteration, loss or destruction. 

In any case, the Service cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information collected, so you must collaborate and use common sense at all times regarding shared information. 

You understand and acknowledge that, even after deletion, Personal and Non-Personal Information may remain viewable in cache or if copied or stored by other users.

10.- Changes in the Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy in the future.

We will inform you of their changes by sending a notice to the email address provided and/or by placing a notice in a prominent place on our website.

11.- Contact

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, contact us at:

Address: Ctr. de Platja d'en Bossa, 16, 07817 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain.