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  • What documentation is required to use the platform as a host? requires from its owners a valid e-mail, to be verified by a confirmation link, an active phone number where they can receive communications from the site, an ID to certify their identity and bank account details to receive payments. In addition to personal data, the platform will require the necessary documentation certifying that each publicly advertised property complies with local regulations for commercial offers

  • Does the site have a subscription cost?

No, registration and membership on are completely free.

  • How can I upload my listing?

First you must select a listing language between Italian, Spanish and English on the top left-hand side. Once this is done, you will have to enter the description of the house in the selected language, the location ( does not ask for the exact address in order to maintain the confidentiality of the properties offered to customers) and a minimum of five services available for guests. At this point, by clicking on the highlighted button at the top on the left, the system will proceed with the automatic translation of the advertising. Next, you will be asked to upload photos (we recommend a minimum of 10 photos, each of maximum 500KB to optimise upload speed). To activate the ad, you will finally be asked for check-in and check-out information and house rules, prices, and a minimum number of nights per indicated period.

  • How does the calendar work and can I synchronise my availability?

By clicking on the Add rule button, you will be able to enter the starting and ending date of a specific period, where you will specify the daily price, the minimum number of nights required and the type of reservation you decide to apply: Direct Booking and Booking on Request. With the Direct Booking, you do not have to reply to each single request and your bookings are automatically confirmed. Ads with this type of booking are very popular among guests, as it is easier for them to plan a trip. We recommend that you only activate this type of booking if availability is updated frequently. You can always change your choice later from the 'Booking Status' box. With the Booking on Request, on the other hand, you have 24 hours to accept or decline a request before it expires. In case of confirmation, the customer must pay the reservation amount within 24 hours, or it will be cancelled.


  • What documentation is required to use the platform?

 To rent a holiday accommodation using our platform, all you need to do is register with a valid email address and an active phone number to be able to receive notifications regarding the activities associated with the booking, as well as an ID from your country of residence.

  • What is the difference between Direct Booking and Booking on Request?

With the Direct Booking, you can book the property directly without waiting for the confirmation from the owner. With the Booking on Request, you can request availability for your stay to the owner, who has 24 hours to reply

  • What time limit do I have to pay after the owner has accepted my booking request?

You must pay within 24 hours, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.

In case of last-minute bookings, asks its users to pay exclusively by credit card, PayPal, or instant bank transfer.


  • What requirements do I need to register as an agent?

To register as an agent, you must have all the qualifications required by the state where you are registered as a freelancer or as a company, and you must upload an ID and enter the contact details required by the platform

  • What role does the agency administrator agent have?

The agency administrator agent takes on this role in the moment he activates the profile of his agency registering the company’s tax data. When a user registers using the same company’s data, the system will automatically fill in the required information. Once the sub-agent has completed the registration process, he will send a request to the administrator agent to be part of his agency. Without his authorisation, he will not be enabled. The administrator agent from the backoffice will also be able to monitor all operations carried out by his sub-agents

  • How can I create offers?

To create offers, simply enter the information regarding your request, such as dates, price, and number of guests, select the desired properties by adding them to the shopping cart and click on the Create offer button. The properties will be bundled into a compressed file that will be automatically downloaded to the device that you are using to visit the site. We recommend downloading a maximum of three PDFs at a time to ensure the download performance.

  • How much time do the owners have to reply to an availability request?

Owners have 24 hours to reply to an availability request. If the owner does not reply within the time limit set by the platform, the request will be automatically cancelled.

  • How do I manage my commission? allows to add a maximum commission of 35% per rental. The commission will be applied always before the payment link is sent and will never be specified in the summary receipt on the payment link displayed by the customer.

  • What documentation do I need to upload to be able to receive my payments from the platform?

To be paid by, it is mandatory to upload the invoice of the commission applied for each rental that has been confirmed on the platform.



  • When do I receive my fee?

If the booking made by the customer or the agent was confirmed up to one month before the check-in date, will pay 50% to the owner deducting the commission applied by the platform, within one week after receiving the amount paid by the customer. Otherwise, if the booking was made less than one month prior to the check-in and the customer has therefore paid 100% of the rental, will pay the full amount to the owner deducting the commission, within one week after receiving the payment.


  • What methods can I use to pay? allows credit card, bank transfer (which must be instant if the booking is confirmed less than a month before the check-in date) and PayPal as payment methods

  • If I am paying only 50% of the booking, when do I have to pay the balance?

The balance of the booking must be paid no later than 15 days before the check-in date in order to validate the reservation.

  • What services are included in the cost of my stay?

The services included will be the stay, the final cleaning and, if specified, the services offered by the owner such as driver, daily cleaning, extra beds, etc. displayed during the booking process. The security deposit, on the other hand, will not be handled by but directly by the owner.


  • When will I receive my commission payment?

Agents will be paid within two weeks after receiving the total booking amount and after the commission invoice has been correctly uploaded.

  • How can I choose to pay my booking?

Agents have two payment methods to book: the first is to send the credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer payment link to the client, who will pay on an external domain (ibiza-payment) to maintain the anonymity of the platform. The second payment method, instead, allows the agent to pay on behalf of the client by sending the link to himself and privately handling the transaction with the client.