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This insurance is mainly intended to protect from any damage that may happen on the rented home or on the goods in it, as a result of an unintended action by the tenants.

This insurance does not replace in any case the HOME insurance that may already be hired by the owner of the home where the tenants will live on a rental basis and temporarily.


What does this insurance cover?

  • Material damage that a resident may accidentally cause in the dwelling both to the main building itself and to leisure and sport areas (swimming pool), which use and enjoyment results from ownership of the dwelling, to fixed installations (water, gas, electricity, radio/tv antennae, heating/cooling, toilet facilities, blinds, awnings, paving, garden, lampposts, suspended ceilings, carpets, wallpapers, etc.)
  • Material damage that a resident may accidentally cause on the households items inside the building to furniture, appliances, electrical and electronic devices, clothing and household clothing, rugs, personal use items
  • This cover is subject to a maximum limit of €15,000 per loss, certaing conditions and exclusions being subject to apply as per policy


What does this insurance not cover?

  • Any damage caused wilfully or intentionally by the tenant.
  • Any damage resulting from usual wear and tear.
  • Any damage to any art objects, cash, documents that represent a value or a guarantee in money, precios metal sor stones, jewellery, stamp colections, etc. and generally speaking any other art object or special value object.
  • Any damage to boats, aircrafts of any kind, motor vehicles (and their tows), as well as the contents that may be inside them.
  • Any damage to living animals.
  • Any damage to trees, bushes, plants and lawn.
  • Any damage to areas in the dwelling that are designed for comercial use
  • Any damage directly or indirectly arising from the coronavirus ilness, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or any mutation or variation of those, or which contributes to those. For more detailed and accuracty information please check policy conditions directly


What to do in the event of a loss?

  1. The Owner/Tenant will contact IBIZA SOCIAL
  2. IBIZA SOCIAL will confirm the identity of the Owner/Tenant and the fact that on the date of the loss the appropriate tenancy existed by requesting a fault acceptance writing signed by the tenant.
  3. IBIZA SOCIAL will inform AXA so that it opens the loss and it can be processed


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